Our Partnership with Reckon

CashD and Reckon have partnered to offer seamless integration with Reckon One, that empowers all employee types to withdraw earnings at any time, directly into their bank accounts.

CashD enhances Reckon One with a mobile app that displays a digital wallet highlighting accrued pay in real-time. CashD enables each employee visibility of their pay and the ability to make withdrawals from their accrued pay on any day at any time.

Benefits of Integration

CashD and Reckon bring together open banking, payroll and finance, to deliver employees an On-Demand-Pay solution.

One of the many benefits of the integration include employees gaining access to their money without needing to engage their employer for permission to get an advance before payday.

Using the CashD open banking hooks, money can be transferred automatically from the company, to the employee. This eradicates the need to use an internet banking website and more so, the removal of the ABA process.

Connect CashD with your Reckon One Book for a fully featured real time pay solution for your payroll. 

CashD delivers to your employees the flexibility to access their hard-earned wages as and when it is needed. 


New to Reckon One

Reckon One is a comprehensive accounting software solution that includes a payroll module. REckon One calculates the pay using the award system, and provides the employee data needed for CashD to make the correct payment. 

In the payroll module, Reckon One includes a few choices for paying employees: Full time salary; Timesheet; Hourly rates; and Invoice. CashD reads this employee information from Reckon One and adjusts for each person accordingly.


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