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This support page details the steps to get started on CashD. It includes a list of FAQ’s as well as a link to the contact form and links to download the CashD App.


How to get started on CashD

CashD guides customers through a simple 4 step process to integrate any Payroll, Time & Attendance and HR solution for a seamless user experience that enables any employee type to withdraw accrued pay at any time, instantly into their bank account.

Step 1: Register Your Business

Once the commercial agreement is reached, the CashD team will send you an invitation to sign up to CashD. The registration wizard will guide you through the company set up steps to enable system integration and rollout of CashD across the company.

register your business
integrate system

Step 2:
Integrate System

CashD is a SaaS platform that utilises API’s to easily integrate with any payroll, workforce management, and timekeeping solutions. Company set up requires minimal involvement from the employer’s side.

Check out the partner integrations section on the CashD website for further details.

Step 3:
Invite your Employees

Once the systems are integrated and the company account is created, employees are selected for email invitation to download the CashD App to their device and complete their individual registration. Once complete, they are all set to withdraw pay on-demand. The direct integration of CashD with the company system means the mobile app displays to the employee a digital wallet highlighting accrued pay and available funds in real-time.

invite employee
manage payroll

Step 4:
Manage your Payroll

CashD integrates a deduction file process with the payroll system before each pay run to reconcile the withdrawals made by employees. The process, activity and reporting can be continuously monitored and adjusted via the CashD Admin dashboard.

Some of our answers

CashD is an Australian based, On-Demand-Pay (ODP) solution. CashD integrates with your payroll system to provide your employees with access to a portion of their accrued pay, any day, at any time, directly into their bank account.

ODP enables employees to align their income and expenses. Using the CashD App, they can access a portion of their accrued pay, in advance of payday. The remaining portion is paid at the end of the pay period.

Unlike salary-based lending or payday loans, the CashD ODP solution does not involve borrowing on the part of the employee, and there are no direct debit repayments.

CashD is a wellbeing solution that can support the culture and financial health of employees. When financial stress is carried into the work environment it manifests as distraction, absenteeism, reduced performance and ultimately employee turnover.

The CashD solution supports full time, part time employees, flexible workers, casuals and contractors in accessing their earned money in real time.

The use of CashD does not have any direct tax implications for the employee or business, as all early withdrawals requested by employees are transacted net of tax and there are transaction limits. However, each client has specific tax obligations and should seek legal advice prior to engaging with CashD.

The commercial agreement will set the business parameters. It can include a SaaS-based monthly subscription fee charge to the company per employee and/or a transaction fee when a withdrawal is made (% or $).

CashD is a SaaS platform that can easily integrate with any payroll, workforce management, and timekeeping solutions utilising an Application Programming Interface (API). Implementation time and resources depend on existing APIs and any custom requirements will be reviewed, scoped and developed as required.

Once the commercial agreement is reached and the payroll solution is integrated, the CashD registration wizard guides the users through the simple set up process.

After the company account is created employees are selected for email invitation to download the CashD App to their device and complete their individual registration.

During the registration process the employer has full control of who gets invited to the CashD App. The employer also controls the transaction amount and daily limits.

Yes, all of the employer and employee data is encrypted and hosted in the cloud (at rest and in transport). CashD has ISO27001 accreditation and a certified penetration testing program in place.

An employee can see the current balance on the CashD App dashboard and will be able to draw on the newly earned pay after each day worked.

Note that our recommendation is that up to 50% of accrued wages should be available for withdrawal.

CashD strives to provide responsible and ethical financial well-being services. The percentage can be set in the Commercial Agreement with the employer. This percentage can vary based on trial and adoption rate.

Yes. CashD integrates with timekeeping solutions to enable the release of accrued pay based on approved time worked.

No, the information shared with CashD is a mirror of the Payroll/ WFM or HR software. This information is integrated and should not be altered within CashD.

When an employee makes a withdrawal, CashD instantly sends their cash to their bank account (just like an “Osko” payment).

Yes, the employee can use CashD to withdraw accrued pay anytime, 24/7.

CashD integrates a deduction file process before each pay run to reconcile the withdrawals made by employees. This process will be reviewed and agreed between CashD and the employer based on the payroll solution.

A specific percentage transaction and/or software fee as set within the commercial Agreement.

All fees are agreed and noted in the commercial agreement and stated clearly in the App for the user when withdrawing.

Please email “”, and our friendly staff will respond ASAP.

Your username is the ‘email address’ used when you registered, or the username set in the payroll system.

On the login page you can follow the “forgot password” link to reset your password.

The employer can swipe left to right on an employee profile to place on hold/block.

We always Appreciate feedback! You can use HELP in the side-menu of the App and then select feedback from the drop-down options.


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