CashD is redefining pay by
enabling businesses to empower
their workers to choose how
and when they get paid.

We bring together open banking,
payroll and finance to deliver the CashD Early Wage Access solution

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Early Wage Access

The CashD solution supports all employment engagements – full time, part time, flexible workers, casuals and contractors to access their earned pay in real time.

Employees can better align their income and expenses by accessing a portion of their accrued pay, in advance of pay day.

Instant Connection

Payroll, Time and
Attendance and HR
system integrations.

Instant Pay

Receive your earned
pay, any time – no waiting.

One Click Payment

One click deduction
file uploaded to payroll.

CashD breaks traditional pay cycles by enabling employees to access their pay on-demand

How does CashD work?

Here is an Example...

CashD provides greater flexibility to manage your cashflow​


Seamless and real-time connections
to 3rd party solutions.

Variable Fees

A choice of fee structures.

B2B Solution

Designed for all business sizes,
from SME to Enterprise.

Work Productivity

Reduce financial stress and
increased well being.

Business Growth

Empower your brand by offering
an On-Demand Pay solution.

Increase Retention

Increase loyalty and engagement.


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