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What is real-time remuneration and CashD?

CashD integrates directly with your employer & pay system.

CashD knows exactly how much cash you can access directly from your employer. The money drawn is simply deducted from your pay on payday. There’s no impact on your credit score, no background checks and it’s not a loan.

How do I get CashD?

Your employer signs up to offer the program, and will then send you an invite to sign up.

Has your employer already signed up? Great! Use our mobile app, to access you earned pay in real time, 24/7 at any time in your pay cycle. Look for an email from your employer, or from CashD.

Questions about CashD?

How often can I use CashD?

You can see the current balance on the CashD App dashboard and will be able to draw on the newly earned pay after each day worked.

Our recommendation is that up to 50% of accrued wages should be available for withdrawal.

Can I used CashD on the weekend?

Yes, you can use CashD to withdraw accrued pay anytime, 24/7.

Are there any hidden fees?

All fees are agreed and noted in the commercial agreement and stated clearly in the App so you can see them when you withdraw cash.

When do I get my funds?

When you make a withdrawal, CashD instantly sends their cash to their bank account (just like an “Osko” payment).

How much does CashD cost?

A specific percentage transaction and/or software fee as set within the commercial agreement with employers. This can range from a 5% transaction cost, to employers choosing to cover the costs.

If I forget my username or password, what do I do?

Your username is the ‘email address’ used when you registered, or the username set in the payroll system.

On the login page you can follow the “forgot password” link to reset your password.