Be in control with on-demand pay

The CashD Wallet displays the real-time available balance.

An employee views their available balance and can instantly withdraw at any time during the pay cycle to receive cleared funds directly into their bank account.

How it works

An easy 3 step process to access your earned pay.

receive an invite

Receive an Invite

Employee will receive an
email invitation to register.


Register with CashD

Follow the simple registration
steps to set up your account.

access your pay

Access your Pay

Use CashD to instantly
withdraw earned pay any time.

Instant Access

Instant Transfer

Withdraw your pay instantly, any
time during the pay cycle.

no-lock in contract

No Lock-In Contract

No direct debit authority, no
credit checks, no bank
statements shared.

financial freedom

Financial Freedom

Access your pay your way, around the clock, 24/7.

More Benefits


Accrued pay can be withdrawn
instantly to your bank account.

No credit checks

No disclosure of personal records.

Low fees

Minimal transaction fees.

Flexible pay

No more waiting for pay day.


3 clicks and your earned pay
instantly hits your bank account.

Transaction log

See a clear history of all
your transactions.

financial tips

Stay informed with our financial tips

Stay on top of your finances and check out how CashD can help you manage your expenses and stay in control of your financial security.


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