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Questions about CashD?

How often can I use CashD?

After your timesheet has been approved, you can withdraw up to $1500 of your gross accrued wages (pre-tax earnings).

Can I used CashD on the weekend?

Yes, you can use CashD on the weekend right up to the Tuesday morning before pay day.

Are there any fees?

If fees for employees are applicable, all fees are agreed and noted in the commercial agreement and stated clearly in the App so you can see them when you withdraw your cash.

When do the fees get charged?

If fees for employees are applicable, the CashD app transaction fees are deducted at the end of your pay-cycle and you will see the summarised fees and amount withdrawn on each payslip.

Where do I download the App?

Simply go to the bottom of this page and click the links or, go to your Google or iOS App store and type in “CashD” to find the app.

When do I get my funds?

When you make a withdrawal, CashD instantly sends your cash to your bank account (just like an “Osko” payment).

How much does CashD cost?

You will see the fee for each transaction in your app wallet. The  specific transaction fee is set within the commercial agreement with Hudson. This may vary as there are special offer’s or variable transaction fees due to holidays or events.

If I forget my username or password, what do I do?

Your username is the ‘email address’ used when you registered, or the username set in the payroll system.

On the login page you can follow the “forgot password” link to reset your password.

How do I register for CashD?

Check your email for your invite and follow the links. Or you can simply email the support team below and tell us that you are from the team at Hudson.

Other Hudson questions?

If you have any specific payroll or timesheet questions not related to CashD, please submit these through your respective payroll team at


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